How we protect your data

Updated: 15 March, 2023

We have implemented cutting-edge industry standards to protect your valuable data and prevent breaches and loss. Our daily operations include a range of security protocols to safeguard your business and personal information. Please see below for some of these security measures.

Data Encryption In Transit and At Rest

BackupMaster supports the latest recommended secure cipher suites and protocols to encrypt data in transit. Customer data is encrypted at rest.

Data centre security

BackupMaster and your data is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft takes physical and network security seriously. Microsoft Azure runs in data centres managed and operated by Microsoft. These geographically dispersed data centres comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53, for security and reliability. Microsoft operations staff manage, monitor, and administer the data centres. The operations staff has years of experience delivering the world’s largest online services with 24 x 7 continuity.

Internal controls

Keeping systems safe is part of our daily life here at BackupMaster. We have strict internal policies and processes to keep data safe, protect our assets, and limit access to sensitive systems and infrastructure to key staff on a needs-only basis.

Backup and availability

Our systems automatically replicate your data across multiple locations in real-time to maximise availability. Data is also constantly backed up to ensure we can restore access to your data and the service in the unlikely event that the data replicas in all locations fail at once. Our monitoring alerts us to any trouble and we have staff on-call at all times to quickly resolve unexpected incidents.

Legal documents

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
GDPR Data Processing Addendum

Concerns or want to contact us?

For urgent or sensitive concerns, please email us at so that they can be handled promptly by our security team.

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