How can I recover deleted theme on Shopify?

Marina S
May 15, 2023 • 5 min read

Shopify provides a wide range of customization possibilities for your store, enabling you to modify nearly every aspect of your pages to align with your brand’s identity. You can discover the highest converting Shopify themes in the Shopify Theme Store and enhance them further by adjusting their code. Many businesses or freelancers are typically engaged to handle these tasks.

Why should you backup a Shopify theme

Designing an online store in Shopify demands a significant investment of time, and safeguarding your efforts is paramount. In the event of errors made by you, an employee, or a freelancer working on a Shopify theme, retrieving a deleted or corrupted theme becomes impossible without a previously saved copy. Unfortunately, Shopify lacks a recycle bin feature to recover deleted items.

This is why it’s so important to be sure that you have a backup copy before making changes to your store’s theme or installing a third-party app. Having a backup copy will give you peace of mind and ensure that you can quickly restore your store to a previous state if anything goes wrong.

How to backup Shopify theme files manually

The Shopify platform offers a feature to save themes, allowing you to manually create a copy before implementing changes. This safeguard helps prevent potential data loss.

1. Go to the Online Store menu tab in your store’s admin panel to access the Themes section.

Where to find Shopify theme in store

2. Expand the Actions drop-down menu for the current theme and click on the Duplicate option. 

3. Scroll down to find a copy of the theme saved to the Theme library. It is recommended to change the name of the theme for better organization. For example, you can add a date to the name.

It’s recommended to duplicate the theme using this method before making any changes. Alternatively, a simpler and more reliable backup method is available.

Restore the Shopify theme easily

The BackupMaster app offers a significant advantage by automatically creating a daily backup of your Shopify store, including theme backups in Shopify. Once the backup app is installed, you can have peace of mind knowing that any damaged or deleted themes in the Shopify site can be easily restored from the backup version, whether it’s due to your own error or the actions of an external contractor.

With the BackupMaster app, you no longer have to worry about manual backups, providing peace of mind. Restoring a theme is now just a few clicks away.

1. Find the Theme category on the Backup Storage panel.

2. Choose the desired theme by its name.

Search backed-up Shopify theme in Storage

3. Select the desired version by date from the drop-down menu, and click on assets if it is needed to view versions for choosing the right one.

Shopify theme assets

4. You have the option to restore individual assets or revert the entire Shopify theme to a specific version. Simply click the Restore entire theme button to initiate the process. It is recommended to save the current theme manually as a precaution when restoring.

Start restore Shopify theme

Restore Shopify theme assets individually

With the BackupMaster app, you have the ability to restore not only the entire theme, but also specific elements within the theme.

1. Use the search bar to locate the desired asset in backed-up Shopify theme card.

Search Shopify theme assets

2. Click on desired asset to compare the backed-up versions with the current one.

Compare the backed-up versions of Shopify theme assets

Shopify lets you edit your store’s theme code using Liquid, which is a simple language with HTML code and special Liquid elements. Mistakes can happen when adding or editing code, affecting how your Shopify store looks. If that occurs, you don’t have to restore the whole theme. Just find the part of the Liquid code you want in the backup and undo any changes you don’t want.

With the BackupMaster app installed, the appearance of your store will return to its normal state.

You can install the BackupMaster app by following this link. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists at We’re here to help!

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