Three simple ways to restore Shopify store data with the BackupMaster app

Marina S
May 23, 2023 • 8 min read

Many of our clients choose to install a backup app to simplify data restoration in case of data damage or Shopify store deletion. To accommodate different recovery needs, we provide three options for utmost convenience and time efficiency. Restore individual items in Shopify by selecting the preferred version, revert groups of items to a specific point in time, or easily restore your entire Shopify account in bulk with just a few clicks.

Read in this guide: 

How to restore individual items granularly

How to recover data categories in bulk

How to rewind the entire Shopify account

Restoring the desired item version in Shopify

Often, you only need to restore a single product or collection in Shopify that was accidentally deleted or undo changes you made. Let’s examine how granular restore works in the BackupMaster app for Shopify.

1. Select the group to which the item belongs in the Backup Storage section of the dashboard.

Choose Shopify item to restore

2. Use the search bar to find the desired item among the saved items in the Shopify data category. You can also see all deleted items since installing the app.

Search Shopify item to restore

3. Open the item card and use the date drop-down menu to select the backup version. Comparing the backed-up versions with the current one is very convenient. Then click the Restore button in the upper right corner.

Compare backed-up items in Shopify to restore

4. Confirm the initiation of the recovery process.

Start the recovery in Shopify store

The restoration time for various items may vary based on the data volume, yet in all instances, the chosen item will be swiftly restored to the desired version.

Shopify restore item complete

Rewind Shopify items in bulk to a specific date

Sometimes, you may need to restore a complete group of items, for example, after an event that caused data corruption. In this case, use the Bul restore feature and select the restore point when everything was in order.

1. Click the Bulk restore button.

Shopify store Bulk restore dashboard

2. Choose the restore point you want to go back to. Review the saved versions to decide. Opt for a point before the issue occurred for optimal results.

Shopify site backup restore points

3. Select the item categories that need to be restored.

Shopify store restore in bulk data categories

4. Confirm starting the Shopify restore process.

Start restore Shopify store in bulk

Only the selected category will be restored.

Shopify store restore process

We’ll send you an email once the recovery is done, and you’ll also see a success notification in the app panel.

Shopify bulk restore report

Shopify account recovery in bulk

If you need to restore the entire account, follow the same steps.

1. In the Bulk Restore section, first select the restore point, and then choose all groups of items.

Shopify restore entire store

2. Click the green Start Restore button, and all the data from the available backup version will be restored. Your store will be rolled back to the state when everything was functioning correctly.

Installing a backup app in advance gives you the freedom to make changes and develop your store, as you can quickly undo the effects of any unsuccessful experiment. The BackupMaster app offers all the necessary tools for effortless recovery, protecting your business from unpleasant incidents and mistakes.

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