How to use Export feature to download backup archives in Shopify

Marina S
May 15, 2023 • 5 min read

With the BackupMaster app, your daily Shopify backups are securely stored in a cloud vault, but you also have the option to download your backup archives and save them to your local storage or Google Drive for extra peace of mind.

Use the manual Export feature to download your data in Shopify – export products for transferring to another account, for example.

The Scheduled Export option provides an extra layer of security to your store, following the 3-2-1 rule of backups, and safeguards your business from data loss in the event of a sudden closure of your Shopify store. You can choose to have our app automatically export your Shopify backups weekly or monthly, whichever suits you best.

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How to get a backup archive by email

How to export a backup archive to your Google Drive

How to set up Scheduled Export

How to Export Shopify data to your email or Google Drive

Before using the Export feature, it’s advisable to use the Backup Now option to ensure that the data being exported is up-to-date.

How to get a backup archive by email

1. Go to the Export section of the dashboard.

Shopify store Export feature

2. Click on Export now.

Shopify store export now

3. Choose to Send download link via email and click the Start Export green button.

4. The progress of the export can be tracked directly from your dashboard, but please note that the duration may vary significantly based on the size of your account’s data. Once the export is finished, you’ll receive an email notification.

Shopify store data export progress

5. You have seven days to download the archive using the link we will send to you via email. This link can also be used to upload the files to your secondary account.

How to export a Shopify backup archive to Google Drive

1. Go to the Export section of the dashboard.

Shopify store Export feature

2. Click on Export now.

Shopify store export now

3. Choose the Add to Google Drive option and connect your Google account to the store if you haven’t done so already by clicking Connect.

Shopify export data Google Drive

4. Choose the Google account where you wish to receive your backup archives, and then provide the required permissions to proceed.

Shopify store Google drive permissions

5. You can also connect Google Drive to your store from the BackupMaster app Settings. You can also check the Settings within the BackupMaster app to confirm if your Google Drive connection has been successfully established.

6. Go back to the Export => Export now and click the Start Export green button, which is now active.

Start to export your data

7. An email notification will be sent to you once the upload to Google Drive has been successfully completed.

Shopify store export complete report

Go to your Google Drive account to verify if the backup archive has been uploaded successfully. This backup can be used to clone Shopify store or saved as an extra level of protection for your site.

Scheduled Export option: How to download Shopify store data automatically

With the BackupMaster’s Scheduled Export option, you don’t need to remember to download your data archives on time. Your app will automatically send them to your email or Google Drive on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preference.

1. Go from the dashboard to the Export => Scheduled Export section. Choose the frequency and your preferred method for receiving the backup archives. You can opt to receive them either via email or directly to your Google Drive.

Scheduled Export feature choose options

2. Connect your Google account to enable regular uploads of your data archives to your Google Drive.

Scheduled Export option Google Drive link

3. When the account is connected, click the Scheduled Export green button.

Scheduled export option setup

4. Check your Scheduled Export Summary. You can always change Export parameters if you need.

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