How to back up Shopify store manually

Marina S
August 1, 2023 • 3 min read

The BackupMaster app backs up your Shopify account daily and saves copies to secure cloud storage. This provides peace of mind and protection for your data. However, there may be times when manual backups are necessary. Shopify provides the option to download CSV files with certain data, and the BackupMaster app allows for a one-click backup of all available store data.

Manual backups with Shopify tools

If you haven’t installed the backup app in your store, you still have the option to save some data manually. Although you cannot back up your entire account, you can download CSV files with data in the following categories:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Themes

To export your data, go to the admin panel of Shopify and find the “Products,” “Customers,” etc. categories. Then, click on the Export button.

Working with CSV files can be challenging for those without technical expertise. A small mistake can result in the corruption of all saved data, such as breaking the link between products and their image URLs when sorting in a spreadsheet program.

Manual backups with BackupMaster

Despite the daily automatic backups, the BackupMaster app provides the option to manually backup your store at any time by simply clicking the Backup Now button.

Backup Shopify site manually

There may be several reasons why you would need the manual backup feature.

When you need to back up your store manually

We advise starting a manual backup process before undertaking something risky, such as connecting a third-party app or editing the theme code. If anything goes wrong, you can revert the account to the most recent version.

At the same time, we recommend performing a manual backup before exporting a copy to your hard drive. This regular downloading of backups enhances the protection of your account data, as the 3-2-1 rule suggests, and it’s always better to have the latest versions of your account saved.

The most recent backup is also needed when transferring data to another account. You can read about it here.

Please note that enabling the manual backup process will not affect the time of the automatic daily backup. Instead, it will simply provide you with an additional, manually created copy of your account stored in the cloud for easy restoration and protection of your business.

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