About Shopify data restore process

Marina S
May 23, 2023 • 3 min read
Shopify data restore

Is it possible to restore my entire Shopify store at once?

The BackupMaster app has a Bulk Restore option for restoring items in bulk. Select the restore point using the date drop menu and mark the groups of items (pages, themes, etc.) that need to be restored. Your account will return to the chosen version. Just in case, the current version of your store will also be backed up.

Can I choose a Shopify item version or a date to restore?

Our app provides 3 possible recovery methods to choose from:

  • For a version. On the app’s dashboard, you can see the  Backup Storage section. By clicking on the group of items you are interested in, you can view saved items’ versions by date with the drop-down menu, compare them and choose the right one.
  • For a certain date. Use the Bulk Restore function to choose the backup restore point. Mark the item types you want to restore, and we rewind them to a chosen date.
  • An account in bulk. The Bulk Restore feature allows you to restore all items in the account in bulk, and you just need to choose a version’s date.  


Read more about it here: Three simple ways to restore account data with the BackupMaster app

Can I clone my Shopify account using your app?

You can download the backup as a .zip archive file and upload the data to your new account. To do this, use the Export and Import buttons on the app dashboard. Both of your accounts must be connected to the BackupMaster app.

Please read our step-by-step guide: How to transfer your Shopify store’s data to a new account?

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