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Marina S
July 7, 2023 • 6 min read
Shopify backup app dashboard

I just installed your app. How long will the initial backup of Shopify store take?

It takes a few minutes to hours, depending on the size of your Shopify store and the total number of products, pages, and other data. The fact is that when we back up your Shopify store for the first time, we need to create a whole catalog of all your Shopify account’s available data.

Future daily backups will be considerably faster since we only capture the changes made to your store’s data, creating a fresh backup copy for retention.

How often do you back up my Shopify site?

The BackupMaster backup app automatically saves backups of your Shopify store every 24 hours. 

However, before making significant changes, you always have the opportunity to run a manual backup yourself. The Backup now button is available in the dashboard.

Manual backup function

Is it possible to cancel a backup while it's in progress?

If you need to interrupt an ongoing backup to use other features of the application, you can utilize the Cancel button. Additionally, you have the option to manually initiate the backup anew using the Backup Now function.

Where exactly are my Shopify backups stored?

We use the most advanced and reliable backup method, storing your data encrypted on highly secure Microsoft cloud servers.

In addition to the increased reliability, the advantage of this method is that you have instant access to all your saved data for viewing and recovery at any time and from any device worldwide. 

You do not need to download additional data and store it on your hard disk.

But I can download my backup if I want?

Absolutely! Our application has an Export feature that allows you to get an archive with a backup copy of your store anytime.

Can I use backups created by your app to clone Shopify website to a new account?

You can download the backup as a .zip archive file and upload the data to your new account. To do this, use the Export and Import buttons on the app dashboard. Both of your accounts must be connected to the BackupMaster app.

Will you be able to back up pages created by the third-party app?

We can back up pages created by page builder apps like PageFly and Shogun. You publish such pages on Shopify anyway, that’s why our app has access to them, and we can save backups as usual.

Do you back up the Settings?

Unfortunately, we cannot back up Shopify stores’ or other apps’ settings. The fact is that this action requires permissions that Shopify does not provide us access to.

Can I work in my store at the time when it is being backed up?

Of course, you can work in the store while it’s backed up. Our application does not disrupt the work of your store and does not interfere with any processes. There are no restrictions that you have to consider.

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